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Royal Oaks Mastiffs

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Information and Breeders Statement Below
Our exceptional Mastiffs are from lines chosen to compliment each other. Our fawn sire,
Bruno is massive at 250 pounds, 35" at the shoulder and is the current father of our
line...after his father our darling Zeus. Our females are equally impressive. All of our
Mastiffs health, intellect and loving temperaments are exceptional. Their pedigree
includes 93 English, Irish, and American Champions, as well as one 2XX World Champion.

Puppies from our  selected breedings are large from birth with fine heads, beautiful black
masks, outgoing personalities, and great conformation. By 10 weeks our puppies weigh
from 20-25 pounds on average. By one year old, our young males weigh 180-190 pounds
and females weigh about 150 pounds. One of our former puppies grew up to appear in
television advertising. Other puppies grew up to go to the show ring while others chose a
quiet life as family pets. Puppy parents update us and they are all pleased with the health
and behavior of the Mastiff they received from us.

Our puppies are handled from birth, fully socialized, and spend their puppy hood
unconfined by a kennel on 6 fenced acres of lawn. They come to your home with packet
which contains:

*AKC registration Application which you may use to register your puppy online.
*A health certificate issued by a large breed specialist
*A 6 generation pedigree and photographs of their parents and  
*Vet verification of shots and wormings
*Instructions about diet and feeding
If we are shipping, once payment is received, your puppy packet including your AKC
Application will be sent to you by registered mail.

We will ship anywhere in the USA for the cost of shipping  added to the price of the
puppy. The cost of plane tickets varies and must be assumed by the buyer.  A travel
heath certificate, a proper sized crate, food and bedding for the trip are an additional
$120.00 as well. Mastiffs ship well; they are not energetic like smaller breeds...they are
most certainly NOT Jack Russell Terriers!

~Royal Oaks Puppy Health and Breeders Statement~

*At six weeks your puppy will have a through examination by a large breed specialist and
his statement will be included in your puppy packet.
*If we are shipping your puppy he/she will have a travel health certificate issued  within 5
days prior to shipping.
*Dates of all shots and wormings are included in your puppy packet.
We use Pyrantel Pamoate to worm our puppies as it was designed for human consumption
and is considered mild and safe.

~ We guarantee your puppy free of genetically inherited
defects for one year from date of birth.~

Note: Spaying or neutering your puppy prior to maturity will adversely affect their physical
development.  We recommend waiting until your puppy is at least a year old which is when
they have developed sufficiently to have reached their approximate adult height.
Premature spay or neutering is considering 'tampering' and will void our one year guarantee.

Breeders Statement:
Since you are receiving full and unlimited registration you are allowed to show and/or breed
your Mastiff at your discretion. Please use this privilege responsibly and in accordance with
the rules set forth by the Mastiff Club of America.

If at any time you are unable to continue caring for the puppy you have received  from us,
please contact us so that we may find a suitable home.
We never want our Mastiffs to be abandoned.
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Our puppies are priced at 1,300 to $1,800 for pick of the litter (your choice)
*Please see our Breeders Statement below for details about our puppies
*Puppies are ready for pick up at 8 weeks and may be shipped at nine to ten weeks.
Your Puppy Must Be Paid For In Full Prior To Pick-Up or Shipping
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