***Some of the Puppies We Have Placed ***
Recommendations From Families Included
This precious girl (R) was a grateful
gift from our family to the couple who
were among the first responders at
the OKC bombing!
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Royal Oaks Good Golly Ms. Molly
(R) at 4 and 1/2 months  is owned
and loved by Ms. Tara McPherson

She is Sadie Lane's daughter
I just wanted to give you a quick update on our "new guy".  He has the most
wonderful personality and he is so SMART!  I swear, I have never, ever seen
such a smart pup!  He has not had one accident in the house and we let him
follow us everywhere.  He is especially loving with Diego (our 20 month old)
and loves to lay his head on our laps when we watch TV. He is enjoying going
with me to drop off the boys at school in the morning and rides shotgun.
We can tell that a lot of love and attention has gone into the raising of our
pup.  Please feel free to use my name and number as a reference should any
one have questions regarding the quality of your pups.  Thanks for all of your
time and patience with us.  Sarah
Kingston and Madeline above. Below is
baby Kingston on his way to her. How he
Right is Royal Oaks Miss Sandra Dee,  owned by John and Candie
Below is Royal Oaks Kazoo, owned and loved by Tammy Meeker of
Meeker's Mastiffs.
Hi Catherine,
here's a quick update on Emma. I think she's going to have an
absolutely beautiful face, and she's growing into it so well.  
Something I noticed about her is that she sits so straight.  This is
something I wish I would have paid more attention to when I got my
last dog. I actually saw that Duke sat "cock-eyed" and decided that it
was not that big a deal.  Emma sits absolutely straight.  When she sits
her haunches are so evenly beside her (on either side) when you
look at her straight on.  This proves to me that you are a truly ethical
breeder, and have in mind the best interests of the dog breed itself,
as well as the satisfaction of the people who end up falling in love
with them.  Seriously, thanks. John
John and Joan's Emma (left ) at
almost three months. She has a
perfect mask!

Kingston is absolutely without a doubt the Finest dog ever. He is a Little slice of
Heaven. I wish you could see how he has meshed with our family and actually he
has trained us. He rides in the car every morning to school. Madeline grabs her
backpack and says lets go to school. We take him with us to a small lake outside
of San Antonio. He loves to ride in the boat and watch the kids ski. He is
hilarious. His big ears flapping in the wind and he growls when Madeline falls so
we know to pick her up. He never takes his eyes off of her. He sleeps with
Madeline every night in her bed so we had to get a queen size so they could
sleep better.
There are no words to how much we love this little guy. Thank you a again,
Mary Elizabeth
Royal Oaks Princess Daisy Maeve above and
below right. She lives with Paul and Kathy.
A working girl, she goes to their Law office
everyday. She is growing up to be a service
Congratulations Daisy!
Royal Oaks Princess Daisy Maeve at work
Hey Catherine!  Jared and I just wanted to make
sure you got the pictures of Chewbacca!  He's so
amazing...  And SMART!  We spoil him rotten and
we've recently joined a Mastiff Meetup Group to
get him acquainted with some fellow mastiffs and
so we can learn from other mastiff lovers.  
Everyone just loves him...  :) Thanks for the
awesome addition to our family! Kristen
Dixie went from Florida to Illinois
after the hurricanes  of 2005. She
was a X' Mas surprise.
Dear Catherine and Michael;
Thank you for the opportunity to meet Bruno and Peaches
along with the rest of your \"family\". You have breath taking
Mastiffs. Thank you for taking time out to talk with us. We
enjoyed our time at Royal Oaks and look forward to visiting
with you again soon.
David,Robyn and Lumpy
This is to wish you a happy thanksgiving from all of us.  Taji has
been registered in Mexico and in the international register, so the
name “Royal Oaks” is now international. She is no longer an illegal
alien in Mexico! They put a microchip, which she did not even
notice it.  They were going to tattoo her; but the registrar came out
right before the vet was going to do it, and said that, since she
was born in the USA , she did not need one.  Lucky Taji!! Say hello
to everybody.
PS:  Toby wants her to go back to the US because she is always
taking his toys away from him, eating from his plate, sleeping on
top of him, and chewing on his ears!!! Alan
Royal Oaks Maverick
10 Months Old...
Owned and loved our son Dolan and
his wife Tara...
He's a still a baby but a big boy
Sadie Lane (R) lives with Vicki and
Buster. She goes to work with
Buster everyday reading wells; she
has friends in five counties. She was
three last Christmas and looks like a
Lady... just as her Mother Maeve
looks like one. She is beautifully
Guy to left, Zorba, is only 6 weeks
old! He was huge! He goes to
puppy kindergarten in Kansas.
We wanted to let you know that "Maximus" (Max) is
doing great! He is the best puppy I've ever been
around. He loves to sit on his pillow in the house and
just relax! He follows our daughter Morgan all over
the place and loves to play with her. We couldn't ask
for a better dog, he's wonderful and we are really
enjoying him.
Thank you so much for everything! You've made this
my daughters best Xmas!!!!!! Have a great Holiday!!!!
My boyfriend and I brought "George" (now "Tater") home
on 9/20/2007.  He is doing GREAT!  He just finished week 4
of obedience training and is very sharp and has
integrated into the household perfectly. He is best friends
with my 3-year-old pug and is one of the easiest puppies I
have ever had, not to mention one of the sweetest.  And
he is getting BIG.  He is nearly as tall as our Rottweiler
I am so happy we got him from you, he has been perfectly
healthy and happy, very well adjusted and easy going with
all new people and animals.  
Thank you!!!  He is a blessing!!!
One of my favorite brindles.
This darling darking at 6  
weeks. He lives in Colorado.
Above: Royal Oaks Titus, owned and loved by Charles and
Danielle, adored his boy Caleb!

Titus Litter mate is below: Royal Oaks Dorsey lives with her
family in Houston. She weighs 140 pounds at 13 months.
Eartha, London and 8 month old
Honey! Merry Christmas!