AKC Mastiffs Since 1980

*View From Our Hill...The Ranch

Royal Oaks Mastiffs is located in western Oklahoma.
We own a Registered  Angus Ranch and have raised
our eight children with Mastiffs as their companions.
Since we are not a kennel, our Mastiffs are constant
members of our household.

We have owned Mastiffs since 1980 and have found over the course of decades a vast
difference in the body type, facial structure, and personality of the Mastiff has emerged. Our
Mastiffs come from old and respected lines which were carefully and thoughtfully selected by
premier breeders to compliment the most positive traits of this magnificent breed.

These established and refined lines remain unsurpassed today. They do not seem to have the
health issues that are currently plaguing the breed. To our knowledge no genetic health issue
has presented itself in our lines. The blindness gene is not in these lines; our Mastiffs are
PRADNA clear by Parentage. Our puppies not even  seem to drool excessively! They remain
true to the Mastiff standard.

We believe that the preservation and enjoyment of our Mastiffs is dependant
upon careful breeding and the proper placement of our puppies. The joy of
placing a socialized puppy with a family is paramount. With each one we have
placed, we have never been disappointed in the family we chose.

We do not co-own or limit registration. We
offer unlimited registration so you may show
or breed your Royal Oaks Mastiff at your

We do not demand that you spay or neuter
your puppy either. Spaying/neutering would
disqualify you from participating in AKC or
UKC shows and events. We do not feel giving
full ownership in any way diminishes our
efforts or our lines.

Since Mastiffs are dependant upon receiving love from their human families, we prefer to place
our puppies with individuals rather than breeders however we have occasionally placed one
with a responsible breeder to improve their line. We do not believe the disposition of the
Mastiff is best fulfilled through kennel life, so we would rather place our Mastiffs in homes
which do not subject them to the rigors of constant confinement.   

We ranch so we are usually home
from 8:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M most days.

Contact Us:                                          
Through our e-mail at:                         
Telephone (405) 542-6418
Royal Oaks Mastiffs
Massive Royal Oaks Bruno.  
(DNA Profile #V50241)
Many have said he is the
biggest and finest Mastiff
they have ever seen.   
Below Left: Nine week old Royal
LeRoy. He's smiling!

above: 10 month old LeRoy
thinks he still fits in that bed!
Shelby the daschund is laughing at

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Above: Royal Oaks Maeve
The Mother of our Line
Disclaimer: We are in no way
connected to or involved with   
Royal Oaks English Mastiffs in
Georgia. Our line is not among
their Mastiffs.
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Below: John-Michael in 1982          
with our first Samson