Royal Oaks Mastiffs

It was after much study and thoughtful consideration that we chose
predominately Greco and Groppetti lines. Mrs. Greco and her friend Mrs.
Funk were ahead of their time in their careful and scientific breeding
program. Through their selective breeding, only Mastiffs exhibiting the
best qualities were allowed to reproduce. These ladies produced healthy
and refined Mastiffs and helped set the standard for Mastiffs today.

*Greco's Hollesley Medicine Man was regarded by many as the finest
Mastiff of all time. He was Best of Breed on four occasions at the famous
Cruft's Show. He is included in our current line.

The Groppetti lines are historic. Wonderfully dedicated, Patty Groppetti
has produced some of the finest and most lauded Mastiffs of all time.
Working tirelessly to better the breed, her claim that all of today's great
Mastiffs have at least a portion of her line is true without a doubt. Patty
Groppetti's efforts are greatly appreciated by everyone who loves the breed.

From her comes
*Groppettis World Champion, the great Wallon, the only
Mastiff to ever be awarded the honor twice. Judge/Author Marie Moore
once wrote, 'Wallon is the most perfect Mastiff I have ever seen'.  
Also included in our line is the American and English Champion
*Arciniega's Lion of Bredwardine,  sired by Wallon. *Awarded Best of Breed
while competing with 156 other Mastiffs in America, he was exported to
England. There he became the #1 Mastiff in England for two consecutive

These impressive Mastiffs as well as many other
Champions are ancestors of our current line.

We are thankful for the efforts of breeders before us who produced the
lines we now have. Oddly, it is here in the Midwest that these exceptional
Mastiff  breeders began these lines;
it seems fitting that these lines have remained here.

    Royal Oaks Lineage
            Famous Mastiffs In Our Past
                Amazing.... All The Greats Are There!
(                           (Left) Our Darling Royal Oaks Zeus

There are many Champions in the line of Mastiffs that we have chosen to
Besides the Champions listed below, there are many other Mastiffs
in our line who did not show or achieve Champion status yet remain
exceptional to the breed...
Seven generations back listed below

McArthur’s Buddy of Radford’s
McArthur’s LC Big Rex
Radford’s Heidi From Renee
Ch Greco’s Big Ben
Little Nannie Annie
Greco’s Falmore Bonner
Anderson’s Killala of Greco
Ch Greco’s Big Ben II
Greco’s Asley Girl
Crosstimber’s WhogoosedaMoose
Ironhorse Flossie
Ch Bredwardine Beilligwyn (England)
Ch Kiss Me Kate
Shadizer of  Amra’s Den
Cameron’s Blacknight Blaze
Ch Archinieaga’s Lion
Ch Hollesley’s Grizzley
Ch Greenbriar’s Shawnda of Greco
Ch Gulph Mills DArtagnan
Ch Asgard’s Valhalla Blacknight
Ch Cleopatra of Baskerville
Ch Gropetti’s Wallon
Engl. Ch. Glynpedr Don Ruinarl
Ch Greco’s Hollesley’s  Sam
Ch  Greco’s Sacha Sarele
Ch Gulph Mills Mulcher
Ch Goldleaf’s Coeur De Sol
Ch Old School’s Panama Red
Ch Deer Run Gropetti Fawn Lion
Ch Deer Run Roderick
Eng Ch Hollesley’s Medicine Man
Eng. Ch Forefoot King Kong
Ch Geenbranch MacCarin
Ch Greenbranch Molly
Ch Deer Run McMunger
Ch Old School’s Desa Anior
Ch Pinehollow’a Sabastian
Ch P J’s Yarborough Hills Tabilina
Engl Ch Gildasan Roman Warrior
Ch Winterwood Hepzlban
Ch Bensall of Love Creek
Ch Deer Run Wycliff
Eng Ch Copenore Rab
Engl Ch Devil Dancer of Hollesley’s
Engl Ch Forefoot Little Emily of Bredwardine
Engl Ch Forefoot Prince of Darkness
Ch Nelson of Hollesley’s
Ch Meps Tristan
Ch Alexander of Dahlseide
Ch Massalene’s Dinah-Might
Ch Willowridge Reckn Jim-B
Ch Buckhall Lady McBeth
Ch Little Atlas of Massalene
Ch Gulph Mills Dame Kathe
Ch Kenney’s Miss Megan
Ch Gulph Mills P J’s Vulcan
Ch Greenbranch Lady Chelsea
Ch Great Gatsby of Ramblewood
Greco’s Kiesta of Radford’s
Greco’s Falmore Bonner
Greco’s St. Gertrude
Ch Greco’s Hollesley’s Rogue
Greco’s Tristan Son
Greco’s Disco
Greco’s Hollesley Tristan Jean
Greco’s Hollesley’s Maid
Ch Hollesely’s Medicine Man
Ch Falmorehall Fortescue
Ch Sacha Sarele
Anderson’s Killahala of Greco
Greco’s Hollesely’s Sam
Ch Falmorehall Call Me Madam

Ch Groppetti Thorg of Windzor
Ch Semper Fi Groppetti Gargoyle
Ch RL's Blacknight Sir Ajax...
And More!
AKC Mastiffs Since 1980
Royal Oaks Mastiffs
That our line is unsurpassed is evident.
That we adore our Mastiffs is well known.
That we are able to  pass along to others the
joy of  owning this the breed...majestic,
loving, nurturing and giving... has made us
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