AKC Mastiffs Since 1980
Royal Oaks Mastiffs
About Us
We got our first Mastiff after moving to ranch in
Oklahoma.  As our family grew to include
eight children our Mastiffs baby-sat with diligence,
assuring us our children were safe.  

We became a State Registered Rescue Sanctuary
in 1986, raising orphaned wild-baby animals.
For thirteen years, at our own expense, we nurtured
hundreds, with the final objective health and release.

As our children grew and left our home one by one, we
decided to breed our beloved Mastiffs so we could pass
along to others the joy of owning a member of this wonderful breed.  

We have Mastiffs in carefully selected pairs who reside here. The level of  professionalism in our
breeding program involves careful genetic screening for desirable traits to be passed to future

All of Our Mastiffs May Be Seen on Our Photo Page***Click Here to Go See***

Photo to left is from 1987, the year six of our
children appeared in the movie Rainman
with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman...
Exciting Stuff for a group of country kids!


Some of Our Rehabilitated
Animal Sanctuary Successes... Please Scroll Down
Photos from 1990 to 1998.... Hairstyles aside, these are
great pictures of country life at it's finest.

Lize with her Raccoon             Marshall with a tiny baby        Patrick and
Oleta                                            Raccoon. Grown-Up          Shadow Spawn         
                                                  Buddy is below
John-Michael with Showenah                      Buddy, who refused to leave!
Harriet the Spy flew in one Fall
and stayed 5 years. When she
became ill the famous Jack
Hanna talked us through her
All Grown Up... On the Way to John's Wedding 2005
(L to R) Dolan, Andrew, Patrick, Lize, John, Peter, Marshall
The little Chicken Hawk had been
hit; he recovered!
The Possum was ready to
go back to the wild.
Harriet is 'helping' dig potatoes
Lize Won Rodeo
Queen in 2006
Marshall, Dolan, Beth Grant, Andrew, Peter, Patrick,
with  Samson